Following the Competition & Markets Authority investigation into private healthcare, and its ‘Final Order’ of 1st October 2014, consultants are looking to invest in an industry they know better than most.  These well-funded and enthusiastic stakeholders wish to engage with willing partners to develop private healthcare to the mutual benefit of users, providers and funders.


A number of notable successes including those led by Incorporated Healthcare, together with updated General Medical Council guidance and a new realisation that they can participate as equity shareholders, is driving a market which has been in decline since 2007.


Some of the traditional private network providers have shown a clear intent to engage, whilst others are reluctant or even obstructive.  ‘New entrants’ wish to seize on this apparent intransigence and in some cases ‘funding issues’ eg huge ‘sunk costs’ or difficult financial structures, and are working with Incorporated Health to develop innovative approaches to make the market more competitive with potential benefits to all including reduced costs and improved healthcare and accessibility.