Radiologists, although not typically primary referring clinicians , are well placed to identify potential business opportunities in diagnostics.


Private network hospitals and imaging facilities are typically reluctant to ‘allow’ clinicians and particularly not radiologists to own and operate imaging equipment, since diagnostics represent a major part of their income.  However, with falling reimbursement, it may be possible to more than offset losses in reporting revenues with a share of the total revenue from the use of the imaging equipment.


If your facility has ageing equipment (typically 7-10 years old), the owners will be making plans to replace it themselves, creating an opportunity to develop an equity participation relationship with an experienced partner like Incorporated Health, as well as referring clinicians. The incumbent may want to resist this!


Likewise, if certain pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment is not currently available eg PET CT scanning, in the right environment with a robust business plan, a new opportunity can be created with the support of a well-funded partner with an established track record.