Incorporated Health primarily partners with consultants to invest in the purchase and operation of equipment in joint venture with private network hospitals, clinics and other companies.   Typical acquistions include (but are not limited to) diagnostic imaging, endoscopy & laparoscopy and neurophysiology equipment.


Incorporated Health invests parri passu alongside consultant investors and ‘hosting partners’, rather than charging fees itself for the following services:


  • Initial introduction and discussions

  • Feasibility and scoping of potential project

  • Creation of business plan and detailed financials including financial projections (with accountancy support)

  • Interaction with equipment manufacturers and tender process (as required)

  • Project management

  • Financial and legal templates

  • Liaison with funding parties including private medical insurers

  • Management of digital marketing including website development


Incorporated Health will also support (as required):


  • Creation of joint venture shareholder’s agreement (with legal support)

  • Invoicing using electronic data interchange (EDI) as necessary, reconciliation and preparation of company and management accounts