Clinicians are key stakeholders in private healthcare which is why Incorporated Health considers them the partners of choice in business. By virtue of a part time or full time NHS income together with a private practice, most clinicians are ‘high net worth’ individuals, well placed to invest in a private healthcare venture.  These are no longer the remit solely of private network hospitals, private clinics and diagnostic imaging facilities….and nor should they be.


In its ‘Final Order’ effective 1st October 2015, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) following its investigation into private healthcare has clarified the position of consultants with regard investment in equity participation schemes.


Incorporated Health has created robust legal and financial templates for allowing consultants to engage with established providers, based on the CMA final order and guidance notes of the General Medical Council.  No fees are charged by the company to the consultants, and it invests parri passu with its consultant partners and completely manages the business on behalf of them.


To date, Incorporated Health has worked with the following consultant groups:

  • Oncologists

  • Orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists & musculoskeletal specialists

  • Neurologists & neurosurgeons

  • General Surgeons & endoscopists

  • Urologists

  • ENT specialists